Bootstrap provides an easy-to-use framework allowing developers to create accessible websites and applications out of the box.

However, the overall accessibility of any project built with Bootstrap depends in large part on the author’s markup, additional styling, and scripting they’ve included.

Boost theme is built with accessibility in mind and includes the following best practices:

  • Color contrast
    • Color contrast between text and background are within the level AA contrast ratio (4.5:1) specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Content links
    • Links inside paragraphs are underlined.
  • Headings structure
    • All sections have a heading element (sometimes visually hidden).
    • Headings do not skip levels when descending.
  • Images
    • All images incorporate an alt attribute.
  • Forms
    • Forms have field labels associated with the form controls.
  • Keyboard navigation
    • The page has a logical tab order.
    • Interactive controls and links are reachable using the keyboard.
    • The pages include a 'Skip to main content' link at the beginning.
  • Landmarks
    • HTML5 landmark elements are used to improve navigation (<main>, <nav>, etc.)
  • Valid W3C code

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